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 Prof. M. Norbekov


Training device of intuition TIN-4


Intuition Training Device (so-called the Trainer of intuition (TIN ©)) a is lightweight and compact device that can help you to make right choices and develop your intuition. You will make correct decisions whether they are as important as choosing a career,or a life partner or small as any daily routine. Whenever choices you will face - you will be ready.

To develop one's intuition and to succeed in life - it is possible!

We face choices daily. And very often, we choose not the most optimal solution, receiving, as result, various kinds of losses and even troubles. 

With TIN-4 you will learn to make decisions intuitively, developing this ability yourself. This will help you to avoid mistakes and choose the best in any area of your life.

TIN highlights the main principle of life - the penalty for a wrong decision. Working with the device you have to intuitively choose, which of the two buttons is ready to discharge at your finger, and choose the right and the "safe, free from charge" option. For every wrong decision you get a little bit of electricity. Over time, you  will start to predict the "right" button with better accuracy.

Reflex to think intuitively will be formed automatically, thus you will take right decision even without your logical thinking involved. The same principle is carried into your daily life.


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