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2nd Health Improving Level

Training Seminar: transition from physical to mental exercises

4 hours on 7 consecutive days

Price: 839,- USD

Prerequisite: Participation in the basic Level I Seminar 

You already have a lot of knowledge. However, you can not utilize it if you do not have access to it. This knowledge within your body needs to be discovered and used. The path of wisdom leads you into your own inner being.

The individual, self-consistent nature of man is clearly evident in his first years of life. But much too early, it is deformed by external influences: parents, kindergarten, school and all the following institutions try to replace it with their beliefs and values. Thus, the natural essence is lost - and with it the whole potential of man, to whom no space is given to grow and develop.

As you regain the path to inner harmony and strengthen it, you also have access to your individual talents and abilities. The path to a fulfilled life therefore first leads to your own inner being. This seminar will lead you on this path and accompany you a bit.

Topics and results of the seminar

The Advanced Seminar II deepens the knowledge that you have acquired in the Level 1 Basic Seminar. Now, you will be able to finally resolve all remaining complaints. The restoration of physical health goes hand in hand with the recovery of mind and soul.

You will get to know your own body on a much deeper level than you thought possible. You are able to identify the causes of your ailments and diseases thus eliminating them. You will learn how to deal with your past beliefs and ways of life on the spiritual level. Learning how to trace old patterns and blockages that hinder a fulfilled, happy life and you will learn to replace them with new ideas that will help you lead the life you dream of.

Training your mind and strengthening your will is a focus of the level 2 seminar. You will learn to strengthen those character traits that are necessary for your mind to master your body and your emotions. You will learn how to minimize stress in your life and find a great inner peace that allows you to live in harmony with yourself and your environment by developing serenity, and charisma.
Another focus is the training of your intuition. This ability is given to all people and can be trained and developed through targeted exercises. This will help you to perceive yourself and your environment more and more, which is the basis for successful and harmonious relationships - whether professionally or privately.

This seminar encourages you to focus on your own, often hidden goals and dreams. Do you know what you want from life? Do you dare to admit these wishes openly? Or block them because you think they can never reach them anyway? You will learn how to develop strategies to implement these wishes quite real in your life.

Contents of the Seminar Level II
-Effective breathing exercises
-Effective muscle training
-Work on the emotions
-Exercises to optimize all interpersonal relationships
-Resonance exercises to develop and strengthen character traits
-Activation of the meridians for targeted work with the internal organs
-Development of Intuition
-"Canon for future rulers": Energy work with which you can influence all areas of your life.