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Seminar in your city!

  Dear Friends!

If you have a desire to take the course according to Norbekov system in your hometown for FREE or even gain profit from it: we offer you to help us organize the course!

We offer you 50 % off as a co-organizer of the course. In addition, if you register your friends or relatives on the first probational day of it and they complete the course – you get 10% off for each of them! If You get 5 people registered, your participation in the course is free. And if you register more than 5 people – we will pay the course fee for you!

If you have about 15 people ready to attend the course – this is the amount necessary for the course to happen and all you need is to tell us the date and the town of the event. Should you need more intel or have any questions – we’d be glad to help you!

Date of the couse:

01.01 - 31.12.2022

Course price:

649 EUR

Licensed coach:

Licensed coach

Course is being taught by 1st level category senior coach of Norbekov system.

During his teaching the coach gained a great experience and has been qualified to teach following courses of Norbekov system: 1st and 2nd recreational stages, the main course (3rd stage ), children's and women's course , VIP- workshops and private lessons .

Our coaches conveyed the principles of Mirzakarim Sanakulovich Norbekov's health-system to more than 10,000 workshops participants.

 The quality of the courses is being constantly checked by special certification commission.

All courses of the coach are the standard of Norbekov system.

Info and registration:

Tel. ‎+49 821 907 85 330

Call number for SMS, WhatsApp and Viber:
‎+49 157 50 46 08 07, ‎

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