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Results and responses of Norbekov System courses attendees

I purchased the DVD Health Course at the beginning of the year and I have now started with it. 
Firstly, I want to express my appreciation for the care put into the design and delivery of the presentation. The voices, the clear and simple (not simplistic) language and translations, the pace, the animated stories and the exercises to me are one big art work. Thanks to all who were involved in this!

Wiebke Volkmann Earth Wise Enterprise, Windhoek, Namibia

After the seminar we feel great! Thank you for the awesome week we spent on the seminar!

Our daughter Elizabeth wanted to tell you that:
- My eyes can see sharp now

- Warts on my legs got worse

- It’s hard to constantly keep a straight posture and smile all the time

- I can emotionally discharge using “emotion pendulum”

- My body is more flexible and equilibrium is better

Best regards from Heidelberg. 

Participants of 1st level Norbekov seminar in Heidelberg

Sightpower got better! At close distances it restored 50% and for distant objects – 100%. Surely I’ll continue work on it. Hearing finally slightly improved. Using hearing scale it slid from 24-25 down to 19-20. Bones, thanks to the joint gymnastics, don’t squeak and now all I hear is something like light rolling. 

Marina, participant of 1st level course

Dear Norbekov team! I’d love to express my deep thankfulness for the awesome Women Seminar in Stuttgart!

I haven’t had so much energy, joy and love for myself, for my husband and my family since ages! First positive changes became visible right at the seminar: thanks to the wonderful coach and her translator the wave of energy filled the audience. Time of exercises was pure pleasure, mood was light and relaxing.

Since then I can’t help my constant state of amazement: my figure became slimmer and my skin softened. My mood is constantly positive as if I’m “waiting for miracle”. And my husband and friends noticed that it all added to my charm.

I’ve ordered a DVD in English to start exercising according to the system and my husband had decided to join in. Now both of us enjoy daily positive changes that we see in our health as well as in all that surrounds us including the business  of our company.

We'd like to sign up for the 1st level Norbekov Seminar in Stuttgart and anxiously wait for it's start. 

Participant of seminar for women in Stuttgart

The biggest improvement that I saw after taking a course was my sight-power and posture. In 3 days my skin became obviously softer and not as dry as it used to. Skin imperfections disappeared and scars become less noticeable. Structure of skin became more elastic all over the body.  My thyroid gland has become less sensitive than it used to be due to autoimmune disease. It made ​​me very happy, as the previous high sensitivity thyroid was definitely not a pleasant thing. I can recommend this course to anyone who wants to do something good for himself and his purpose in life. It's like settling all the physical and emotional problems. You start believing that it all can be solved and begin to do something abut it. 

Participant of the 1st level Norbekov seminar in Munich.

I believe that it was vitally important for me to take part in a seminar though I have read all Norbekov's books and and purchased his DVD-discs. Many things became really clear to me only after the course. I finally felt the change of inner atmosphere and feelings of my body when doing exercises 10 consecutive days. My eyesight has improved by one diopter , the scars I've not worked with directly have almost disappeared, the other two become thinner and their colour moved closer to the colour of normal skin.

I feel great after the massage of organs, the liver and the spleen  in particular, and I definitely took off a few pounds. I continue to dig into myself, to put myself back in order. And that helped me already as I finally made a couple of decisions that have long been postponed. Now I know with even greater confidence: I can make a difference! 

Participant of the 1st level seminar

I regularly do the exercises and really feel the change! Relationship with my partner became more deep and confident. In addition, now I see that my private relationships and relationships at work become deeper and closer. The same is true for previous acquaintances with whom previous relationships were rather neutral.

Also, now when I'm going out with my friends, men started to talk to me wanting to get acquainted. with me just start talking , and men want to meet me – the thing that, frankly saying, didn't happen with me before.

It seems to me that these changes are remarkable, and it is all after only 2 days of Women Seminar!

I want to order a DVD with a 1st level Seminar 1. to continue my studies. 

Participant of Women Seminar in Stuttgart

I'd really advise every lady to attend Women Seminar and I'll definitely recommend it to my patients.  

Naturopathian, participant of Women Seminar in Stuttgart, January 2012

I took part in Women Seminar in Stuttgart this weekend and it inspired me to start working on my health self-improvement more actively.

Participant of Women Seminar in Stuttgart

I want to thank you for the excellent organization of the Norbekov system  course, that I attended in Stuttgart. A special gratitude for our coach Galina Gruzdevaya. She shone as the sun all 4 hours and all the 10 days without ceasing, giving us the warmth, the joy, and the confidence that everything is possible for us. And her assistant Oksana passed on every word attaching to it her heart warmth with the same precision. And to prove it all I can say that only after 10 days my results were tremendous! The disappearance of the scar in one day - it's just a little of what our body is capable of when properly awaken. And, of course, a big THANK YOU to M.S. Norbekov himself for his teachings! 

Thankful perticipant of Norbekov System course in Stuttgart

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