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Mirkazaim Sanakulovich Norbekov

Author of the healing system

Mirkazaim Norbekov is an extraordinary person, who sweeps one along with desire to be the same full of love for life, incredibly resourceful, inquisitive as a child, talented, courageous, going forward, brave as a warrior, diverse, wise, calm and patient as a true Teacher.

The system of M.S. Norbekov - is method, confirmed and proven to be effective. It is a set of specific actions in the form of psycho-emotional and physical techniques. It's call is to help course participants to use their own internal sensations of the body and to develop more conscious control of their inner emotional state in a more complete, easy and in-depth way. This technique does not contain any extrasensorics or hypnotic suggestion. It implies no drugs, pills or cures. It only provedes the opportunity that can and should be used by anyone, who desires to get rid of ilness that is annoying or even puts one's life on the egde.