The system of Mirzakarim Sanakulovich Norbekov courses in England and USA

Norbekov system consists of simple yet effective exercises and practices that help You to discover Your inner resources and abilities and enable you to:

• recover your health and mental balance
• improve relationships with others
• become successful both in business and personal life
• develop new, positive character traits
• get your problems solved in the shortest time possible.




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 Printhouse Wanted!

Norbekov’s team is looking for a print house and partners to print M.S. Norbekov’s books. These books became bestsellers in ex-USSR countries. In Germany, being translated into German, these books were republished 10 times and total amount of copies reached 100 000.

Sample of the book «Eselsweisheit. Der Schlüssel zum Durchblick oder wie Sie Ihre Brille loswerden» in German you can read here. 

 You can read more about the book here.


Looking For Partners! 

We are looking for online shop to distribute through our goods and music.
DVDs, Intuition training device and music of Sulton Аli Rahmatov are exclusive goods for Europe. If you are interested - we'd be glad to answer all your questions via Email or Contact Form.

Looking for co-organizators!

We are looking for creative and active people who'd like to build a promising business. If you are interested plese send us your CV using our Contact Form.  


Dear friends!

We are happy to announce that there is an English online course on the way.

Soon you will have a unique possibility to take part in 1st level online course. This online course is an online program for exercising with help of a PC that enables you to complete entire course and to learn all necessary exercises directly from your home.

Entire program is customized for individualized exercises. You can take your time and exercise at any convenient moment right at your home. It would be just as effective as if you do these exercises together with coach.

 This online course is 20 days long. Also there will be additional resources available for your convenience. Such as online forum where every registered participant would be able to ask questions and get answers and further support. All exercises will also be available in a form of description by means of textual and audio formats. 


The Road Of Master

 Have you ever met such people, next to whom your life all of a sudden gains  more sence and your problems get solved easy and quickly? People with  whom you can find all your answers instantly? Such people beam power,  wisdom, generosity, knowledge, kindness and love. They attract limitless  light and yet remain modest and simple. Next to such people you always  feel safe and secure due to their reliability. They inspire you with the desire  to go ahead and to win!

 Allow me to introduce one of them - Mirzakarim Sanakulovich Norbekov.  Indeed, you have heard about this man. For some people, his name is  associated with the restoration of vision, health, for others - with the  formation of their identity and spiritual growth, for someone - with all of these things.

Mirzakarim Sanakulovich attracts many people as a massive planet attracts smaller celestial bodies with it's gravity. Everyone who touches his thoughts through his books, seminars and trainingworkshops - begins an unforgettable journey into the inner world, full of discoveries and adventures. There are also many trials and triumphs on this very interesting way.

This extraordinary man is incredibly resourceful, curious as a child, talented, courageous, single-minded, brave as a warrior, diverse in charge, wise, calm and patient as a real teacher. He carries a desire to be full of love for life.

Here's what Mirzakarim Norbekov says about himself:

I often think, why the east medicine gives fantastically successful results exactly where the west "traditional" medicine makes only weak efforts to help, and they are powerless very often. The technology advances of the western traditional medicine are indisputable. But where can we find specialists who consider person as a complex yet a whole, an integrated system, rather than as a set of different organs? More than twenty years ago I was dependent on doctors, who treat separate organs, but not the whole organism, on medicine and procedures. I was unconfident man, a man with no goals, no future.

When I got twenty years old, I was sentenced with the first group of disaibility, and was dependent on the blood purificating device. Doctors usually give up on trying to cure such patients, and only observe them. But everything had changed for me when I met Seid Mohammad Hasan. He did for me things, which all the profound scientific institutions failed to do.  He talked to me, and in the end added: "Go in peace, my son, I don’t see a desire to recover in your eyes. You want to be cured by others, so that others would suffer instead of you. It doesn’t work this way. You deserve your illness. So, go in peace". I didn’t have words to describe my state, when I was leaving. But the disease has forced me to come back in a month - and we started. The exercises he assigned me with were so simple and hard at the same time. What an internal conflict I had to overcome! Like many others, I was full of doubts: how can it be treated without drugs, without technical aids with indicators, without bunch of doctors around me? But when other patients, who started this training with me, began to recover in sight, I felt something like an anger or jealousy. My first results were pretty much successful. During the fifth month of training I felt a bit better. Four years later I was examined by professor of traditional medical care. And when I saw that jaw dropping expression on the professor’s face – the same moment I understood that I was completely healthy.

After that I became Seid’s disciple and began to treat myself. Later, I had my first disciples. We started to gather information about the different types of healing. I met many extraordinary people. Then I gradually started to develop my system.

Sincerely yours, Mirzakarim Norbekov.