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Norbekov System

1. About the system

In ancient times in the East, a consistent and coherent system of knowledge about human life was created. The system is based on the natural ability of each of us to control the body and to activate its internal reserves. Wise men, healers treated the patient as a whole system, and its body - as the home of the soul. That's why in the East, the first thing to do was always to remove a cause of the illness, to heal the afflicted soul, to restore it to the harmony with nature, and to do it with the help of the man himself. This ancient knowledge was taken as a basis for the Recreational System of Mirzakarim Norbekov.

 The uniqueness of the system

M.S. Norbekov is an author of the method of helping people to realize their potential and of the technique of teaching people how to change their psycho-physiological state.

This method is the basis of M. Norbekov's recreational course. Its aim is to develop students' ability to change their emotional state. Students, who are ready to change themselves and who mastered the appropriate techniques (technique of manual creation of the maximum positive mood, etc.), can learn to use these skills to help to recover the body, to improve the comfort of living in the physical, psychological and social sense, to achieve professional success , etc.

M.S.Norbekov's recreational course, named "How to get rid of the glasses, scars, chronical diseases?", affects the motivational side (one's direction), experiential side (knowledge, skills, habits), individual features (memory, emotions, feelings, thinking, etc.) of a student. It stimulates students' desire for self-change, making this change conscious and controlled. It gives the ability to intentionally enter the maximum positive emotional state, provides an imaginary image of "youth, beauty, health, and success" along with the ability to fix and solidify these images, created by students, their attitudes, in their physical sensations, etc. )

Thus, the seminar according to M. Norbekov has a positive impact on one's mental and physical health.

During the seminars according to the Norbekov system, the following basic techniques are used:

- presentation (to get students familiar with the goals, individual lessons assignment, etc.),

- selection (to switch students' attention from the external circumstances of their lives to their internal state, to test a person's readiness to change him or herself),

- the technique of intentional creation of the maximum positive mood,
- the technique of forming the imaginary character of “complete perfection” - an image of “youth, health, beauty, and success”,
- the technique of psycho-physiological state control by means of keeping a diary, other supplementary techniques (such as self-observation, use of different means of visualization and particularization of course ideas, ways to organize self-dependent studies, as well as techniques of psychotherapy, self-suggestion, and strengthening of physical health, etc.)

The recreational course has an up-building effect on a personality, as it changes students' views on their problems and tasks, builds up their self-esteem and stimulates their self-education. The course help students to realize the creative abilities that they were not even aware of before. It also increases their self-criticism and their cognitive, occupational and social activities. It has a positive influence on almost all of the substructures of the of the personality of students such as focus, experience, mental processes, states, and properties.

As a true scientist and researcher, Norbekov joined thousand years old traditions of oriental medicine and the best of modern science. The system had been developing in Uzbekistan and Russia for more than 30 years. Now people call this technique the Norbekov System.

The system of Mirzakarim Norbekov includes 18 author systems and a major discovery in psychophysiology.

It offers 10 methods of body revitalizing:

 - Articular gymnastics (joints flexibility development, its rehabilitation)

 - Muscle exercises (strengthening muscles, keeping them in good shape)

 - Willpower gymnastics (to strengthen our willpower and get rid of laziness)

 - Gymnastics for imagination (fantasy - one of the qualities of children that adults lose)

 - Strengthening the immune system (the lessons increase the overall health and immunity )

 - Gynecological and urological massage (non-contact )

 - Removing skin blemishes and scars

 - Physical rejuvenation (removal of excess fat, getting rid of toxins)

 - Training of emotions (most people are overly emotional and it negatively affects relationships with family and friends)

 - The restoration of hearing and vision (people wear glasses and contact lenses not knowing that the sighting power can be restored. Hearing can be restored too.)

 2. About the author

It all started that terrible day of Mirzakarim's life when, being in military forces, he happened to become the victim of a cruel injustice. Then there was a hospital, a four-months long confinement to bed and the future of a disabled «nobody». And it's all - in those promising twenties when the whole world is supposed to revolve around you! So, the hopelessness came, then - despair and even suicidal thoughts, then - wandering throughout the country in search of help. That is when the life-changing meeting of Mirzakarim with his future mentor took place. The hundred years old wise man alone accomplished what many medical institutes couldn't.

Classes had begun. At first, there were internal resistance, doubts, and failures. But the desire and the willpower of Mirzakarim, combined with the wisdom and patience of master started to overcome the disease. Four years later he was completely healthy. And then his real learning began.

He continued daily classes on self-improvement, training in mastering the ancient practices of masters of the Way. He studied man's hidden resources walking down the path of self-discovery, and led the first of his disciples.

After curing himself, Mirzakarim started helping people find health, taking advantage of the knowledge inherited from his mentors. As a true scientist and researcher, he combined the thousand-year tradition of oriental medicine and the best of modern science. For over thirty years, the system evolved and improved in a number of cities of Uzbekistan and Russia.

Today Mirzakarim Sanakulovich Norbekov has been acknowledged as a Doctor of Psychology, a Doctor of Pedagogy, a Doctor of Philosophy in Medicine, and as a professor, a member and correspondent member of a number of Russian and foreign academies. He's also the author of many patented inventions and discoveries in science, the athlete with a black belt in karate (3rd dan), a writer, an author of several books that became worldwide bestsellers.