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DVD "Sulton Ali Video" (Digital Version)

Sulton Ali


Sulton Ali is a composer and a student of Mirzakarim Norbekov. Ali had his sight power restored using Norbekov System. He wrote this music specifically for meditation purposes during Norbekov courses.

Music of Sulton Ali - is a collection of musical styles, characterized by a positive and relaxing sound. Tracks of this album combine tools specific to electronic and ethnic music. Melodies are light and uplifting. This music is often used for relaxation, recreation, and creativity stimulation. Sulton Ali often refers to the themes of nature, self-knowledge and the national culture.

This DVD presents the famous concert of Sulton Ali in Samarkand. In this video you would be able to see all the musicians and instruments, involved in this amazing concert. The video will bring you a lot of fun and relaxation as well as help you on your path of understanding and developing yourself.

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An excerpt from the video can be viewed here: