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Safe time and travel costs!

With the Webinar, you will achieve the same results at home as with a personal participation in the seminar room. You'll have access to all materials from any computer with an Internet connection, saving you time and travel expenses.

Requirements: none, open to people of all ages
Duration: four-hour sessions during 10 consecutive days

You will learn how to influence your own body and activate your self-healing powers. Thus, you can rebalance your organism when it is out of balance - whether it is the result of injury, unhealthy lifestyle or even a chronic illness.
You will learn what incredible skills each person has and how to discover and use your own.

The exercises of the Norbekov method are easy to learn, but highly effective: if you integrate them into your everyday life, you can look forward to the first successes within a very short time.

You gain inwardly as well as outwardly a new attitude and strength that allows you to structure your organism and even your whole life.

The Norbekov method is based on the assumption that man consists of body, mind and soul, which form a unity and are not to be viewed separately from each other. Therefore, all exercises work on all three levels.

They learn simple but extremely effective exercises that allow you to train and use your mind:

- Exercises for eye training
Breath and concentration exercises
-Creative use of mental and emotional forces
Exercises that allow you to "scan" your body for interference and immediately compensate for it
- a highly effective gymnastics routine, which brings maximum mobility of joints and spine and strengthens the entire musculature.

Nobody can take these exercises instead of you. We give you a million times proven, highly effective tool in your hand. But you must use it yourself so that you can look forward to the following results within a very short time:

Restoring and strengthening the inner balance
-positive radiation, increased energy of life
-reproduction of vision and hearing
-activate the self-healing powers of your body
- Regeneration of organism and nervous system
-Strengthening the immune system
- Stress management, more composure
-impression of scars and wrinkles
- Rejuvenation of the skin image
-normalization of the metabolism, stabilization of the weight

"Improving Your Body and the Quality of Life"

The human body is a complex psycho-physical mechanism. The basic skills of its management was placed in us by our Mother Nature herself. But some of the abilities that have always been freely used by, for example, animals, for some reason have been lost in the modern human society. The most important and popular of these is the possibility of a physical body to regulate and normalize itself.

Educational and health-improving course based on M.S. Norbekov method aims to teach our students the basic ways of managing his or her body, right down to the cellular level. The result of practical mastering of this course's content is:

  • actual recovery of physical health;
  • strengthening resistive ability of the immune and other vital systems to the adverse effects of the environment;
  • accelerated regeneration of tissue and, as a result, the rejuvenation of organism;
  • qualitative improvement of the everyday mood, improvement of the overall tonus and performance. 

At first, many are skeptical to the fact, that it is possible to be healthy with a help of just some physical and mental exercises.

What's special about the classes, done by the M.S. Norbekov method? This is not a suggestion, that's used by hypno therapists during hypnosis. No one does subconscious suggestion to you or tries to affect you with their biofield.

Our center has 13 years experience of teaching health courses. They practically have shown the qualitative improvement of the health of more than 2 000 000 students who attended our courses in Russia and abroad. The highest rates of effectiveness are observed in the following groups of diseases:
eye disease;
blood circulation disorders;
otolaryngological diseases;
respiratory diseases;
gum problems;
gastro - intestinal tract problems;
metabolic disorders;
skin defects;
diseases of the excretion;
genitourinary system diseases;
diseases of the cardiovascular system ;

There are a number of cases in our experience, when practicing students were cured from the more severe forms of various diseases. Such examples are largely dependent on the individual character and diligence of the patient in restoring one's health. One of the highlights of the health training course based on M.S. Norbekov method is its simplicity and accessibility for the practical mastering. Classes are conducted using accelerated learning techniques.


Date of the couse:

11.11 - 20.11.2019

1st seminar day 17:30 - 20:30

Mo. - Fr. 17:30 - 21:30

Sat. - Sun. 10:00 - 14:00
UTC/GMT +1:00
Duration: 10 days, at least 4 hours/day

Course address:


Course price:

10 days, approx. 40 hours: 649 €
Including records of the webinar
1st day of the trial: 40 Euro


Info and registration:

Tel. ‎+49 821 907 85 330

Cell number for SMS, WhatsApp and Viber:
‎+49 157 50 46 08 07, ‎

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