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The experience of a fool or a key to enlightenment - is a wisdom, not just for those who want to get rid of their glasses, but also a method of teaching for those who like to be or want to be healthy.

You will be acquainted with the information on how to live in harmony with your body and reveal your inner potential.

You will learn how to improve daily well-being, psychological state, the general tone and work capacity.

You will find out that the disease itself does not exist! There are only harmful habits that poison your body and your life.

What do you prefer: to live with a variety of diseases or to fill your personal life with joy, health and inspiration?

You have already chosen life - welcome to the free webinar "The Experience of a Fool".

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18:00 - 19:00 UTC/GMT +1:00

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Tel. ‎+49 821 907 85 330

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‎+49 157 50 46 08 07, ‎

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